The Arkansas Oklahoma State is committed to accessibility on the grounds and to our facilities. It is our hope that the following information is of assistance when visiting Kay Rodgers Park.



Handicap parking spaces are located on the northeast side of the grounds and can be accessed by entering the grounds via Gate 4 on North 50thStreet and in parking lot 4 across the street from Gate 4. Please ask the parking attendant to direct you to handicap parking, which is available on a first-come, first-served basis. We ask for the cooperation of our guests in displaying valid permanent or temporary handicap decals or plates.


Service Animals

Service dogs are permitted in all facilities and on the grounds of Kay Rodgers Park. Service dogs must be leashed, harnessed or otherwise tethered and under the handler's control.


Expo Center Entry

The main entrances utilized for the pubic during events at the Expo Center are located on the south and east sides of the building.



All public restrooms within the Expo Center have at least one handicap stall outfitted with grab bars and accessible coat hooks. Counters, paper towel and soap dispensers in all restrooms are at wheelchair accessible height.


Drinking Fountains

All public drinking fountains in the Expo Center are ADA-compliant and offer wheelchair accessibility.


Changing Stations

The restrooms in the Expo Center are equipped with a changing station for families to utilize.